Friday, 27 August 2010


This is a blog about me and mine, my crafting, my space, my world and everything in my universe really!
Being the bad side of 50 isnt too bad, it means I can be a grumpy old women and get away with it. People understand that im "at that funny age" when women lose their marbles along with what brain cells they have left intact. My fabulous significant other has great staying power, im sure that a milder mannered man would have fled for the hills by now. I keep reminding him that men also go through this "funny" stage but he wont have it............

Thats enough about me and mine.

What is my craft? Well I like painting, making cute stuff with felt and other fabrics, love photography, in fact i'll give anything a go. Im working (fairly hard) on getting some stock for my new website (coming soon) and also i'll be stocking some goodies at Folksy. I have a space to do my crafting in, a study that is void of shelving (until Ikea deliver) therefore everything is crammed into impossibly tiny spaces, my work space is like looking into my head - scrambled! Im a bit like the mad Professor, everythings a complete mess but I know where everything is. How familiar does that sound?

Well that covers me and mine, my craft and my space, so how about my world? I live in Lincolnshire with Mr perfect (yes I do think so!) and my two boys Albert and Charlie, i'd better explain when I say boys I mean cats - they are the biggest tarts in the world. They eat and sleep all day, something we can all look forward to when we get old and grey. My day job is my crafting, I hope to rule the world one day but in the meantime im happy just to be in it. As for my universe, as the song goes "dont care what people say, just follow your own way", and never go to bed angry!

Thats it! (probably)

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