Monday, 18 October 2010

How to make a present out of money!

OK genius crafting Diva's, how many times do you hear the words "Just give me money for Christmas/Birthday"?  You know how kids love to receive money (unfortunately!) and how many of you just stick a couple of notes into an envelope and thats it?  Wouldnt it be nice if you could make the note into something? Well you can and its easy and it shows off your craft skills as well! Pop this into an envelope (or several of them) for some big smiles! Heres how:-

TO MAKE A HEART NOTE (more for the girls maybe)

Take a fiver (or tenner) any note will do, for the purposes of this tutorial I photocopied a fiver (im not daft!) and can I suggest you do the same just until you get the hang of it! I apologisse in advance if any of the pictures are a little shaky, I always get excited and nervous when I hold money (only joking) anyway........

Start here, looks real doesnt it?

Fold once as shown

Fold again

Lay our flat and fold like this

Then do this............

And then do this......its starting to look like a plane. At this point try to avaoid throwing in the air to see if it doesnt!!

Now turn it over and then point the nose to the left

It gets slightly more tricky so..............get yourself a
nice glass of wine and continue  (any excuse)

Fold as indicated

Now do exactly the same to the other corner

This is what it should look like, as long as the wine is still intact...

Now turn the note with nose on the left again and grab
this corner and fold in

Then do the same with the other corner

So you end up with this

Do exactly the same on the opposite corner

It should now look like this from the back

Now turn the whole thing over and.....VOILA!   A present made out of money!

Tyr (opps thats the wine) I meant TRY with any beautiful papers
and make lots of fabulous hearts!



  1. Very good! Reminds of making hats, ships and planes out of newspaper when I was a kid. :-)

  2. that's cool! My daughter has an amazing cube made with a dollar bill, we'd love to find a way to reproduce it.


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