Friday, 10 December 2010


Ive always loved the feel and look of a handmade item and the one thing you can guarantee is that your purchase will be a one off - totally unique.  A lot of people are unsure of the handmade marketplace thinking that the item will be sub standard in some way. Badly stitched, knitted, carved, drawn, printed or painted etc etc....  

Folksy is one of the better sites for buying and selling handmade, there are thousands of very talented artisans on here whose creations easily shame similar shop bought goods, and normally at a fraction of the price.  It is also a place where crafters, artists and artisans share thoughts and ideas and support each other when times are hard, i.e. lack of sales!  You will always find someone on Folksy who will help you, no matter what the problem, the friendship here is wonderful and you never feel alone.

There are a few people who still think that a handmade item will be perfect in every way with no flaws.  Just a reminder to those bought items have flaws to!  Hems that come down, leather that splits, glued items that come apart, images on cards that are not pinpoint clear, wonky mugs and plates..the list goes on and on.  Im sure weve all bought stuff that wasnt perfect - havent we?  Those of us who can afford to pay a premium for a Christmas bauble from Harrods will probably end up with perfection, most of us just want something unique, not perfect but good quality, value for money and more importantly made with LOVE.

So next time you buy something that is "handmade" just remember this famous quote:

You see, when weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out. ~ Martha Graham



  1. I love that saying. Whenever I knit a pair of socks I always make one slightly longer than the other, just so it's not perfect. Denise x

  2. I agree, we're not machines – we're far more sophisticated! I seem to remember that you posted something on the folksy forum about this subject. Did it get sorted?


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