Sunday, 30 January 2011

Comment on this PLEASE!

What are your honest thoughts on "shabby".  I personally love it, but a lot of people dont.

A few descriptions found on the internet:

Showing signs of wear and tear or neglect: bedraggled, broken-down, decaying, decrepit, dilapidated, dingy, down-at-heel, faded, mangy, rundown, scrubby, scruffy, seedy, shoddy, sleazy, tattered, tatty, threadbare. Informal tacky2. Slang ratty. Idioms: all the worse for wear, gone to pot.

1. Impaired by wear, use, etc.; worn: shabby clothes.

2. Showing conspicuous signs of wear or neglect: The rooms on the upper floors of the mansion had a rather shabby appearance, as if they had not been much in use of late.

3. Wearing worn clothes or having a slovenly or unkempt appearance: a shabby person.

4. Run-down, seedy, or dilapidated: a shabby hotel.

5. Meanly ungenerous or unfair; contemptible, as persons, actions, etc.: shabby behaviour.

6. Inferior; not up to par in quality, performance, etc.: a shabby rendition of the sonata.

Personally - I would favour "shabby" over "cute" any day.  I did this sign as this perfectly illustrates my point, but its not to everyones taste, especially when hung outside a babys room!  Mums tend to favour "cute".

Saying that - I have a lovely site that I bookmark and visit often.  They do the most beautiful signs etc, all hand written and definately "cute" and I adore them.  I also know that I couldnt do what they do, so I go in the opposite direction.  Does anyone think this is a cop-out?  Do you think making something look "shabby" is a way of saying "Its supposed to look like that!", almost apologising for the way it looks?

Shabby interiors are also a favourite with me.  Some of you may feel that shabby equates to "dirty".  What do you think?

Here are a few fav shabby images, I love the photography in Tone Finnanger books, they manage to perfectly capture a "mood".  Shabby but sweet.

More.............(these images link back to

I would love to hear your comments!  xx


  1. I think that shabby as a word on its own can be considered as possibly shabby and scruffy but shabby chic is diffrent because it is a design style / statement. Also shabby chic usually takes a lot of work to acheive the tattered in a specific way.

  2. Annie took the words right out of my mouth!!!
    Shabby chic is a style. Shabby is not a hotel i'd want to stay in shabby chic on the other hand. . . xxx


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