Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tea House of the August Moon

Would you go to these lengths to get a cuppa?  This is a real place and real people do this!

First part of the journey to get onto the mountain

As you can see, the mountain is equipped with things to hold on to!!

Just dont look down.....

Is this strong enough for more than one person?

What happens when you meet someone coming the other way?

No Health & Safety here then!

Does anyone feel sick yet?

Now just a short stroll with a massive drop either side of you!!

The famous "Tea House", and everyone arrives safely.

How far would you go for a cuppa??


  1. Oh my goodness.... that's absolutely amazing

  2. ..and how much do they pay you to go there?

  3. Bugger that! I got sweaty just looking at the pictures. Suddenly I like a nice glass of water.


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