Sunday, 27 February 2011

What cant you throw out?

As you may or may not be aware, we are moving quite soon.  We are going to a "really wee" house, in fact its one of the smallest iv'e ever seen BUT small equals cosy right?  So because of that we have had to either sell, or chuck, or send to boot fairs shed loads of items so that we (and the remainder of our stuff) can cram into the house. All the following are NOT being dumped!  I have these huge plastic boxes full of singles, LP's and videos, and they weigh a ton.

We also have a huge collection of DVD's and CD's, and of course all the stuff on Itunes and my Ipod.

I still have a few of these left, yes CASSETTES! and they still work..

I cant imagine a world without music

Here are two DVD's I would recommend....

Almost everyone's heard of Abigail's Party
If you haven't seen it then do so - hilarious, and Alison Steadman is pure gold

Some may not of heard of this one, first shown on TV some years ago, and it features
the BEST Doctor Who David Tennant, who looks very different, what a great actor.

I also found this little beauty, my prized SX70 Polaroid Camera, does anyone have one of these?
Very popular in the 70's and good looking don't you think?  It all opens up like a flower and then
closes down to nothing.  Love it.

Found a pair of Dutch clogs, they remind me of when I was brave enough to
travel on my own to Holland and spend a weekend doing nothing, just for the
hell of it.

Who has a bear as tiny as this?

And this cheeky flasher.

Its amazing what you find when you start!!!



  1. Wow, some great items. I would not throw them away either.
    We are also moving soon but to a house a bit bigger but i still have to sort everything out and get rid of half of it.

  2. What a rude bear!

    I saw "Taking over the Asylum" on the telly ooh, last year, or the year before? Highly recommended.

    We were looking at moving, and so Hub and I were considering what we'd have to get rid of - haven't quite worked it out entirely, but a lot is going to have to go...he did one tip run on Friday!

  3. omg! did you know what that last teddy just did to me!!! lol!

    I love Annabels Party! Brilliant! As for the cassettes, I still have a few too! How mad are we with the stuff we keep!

  4. I love annabels party too! be careful what you throw away... i moved two years ago and i am now at the stage where i go ....where ***** and then remember i gave it to the charity shop!
    the little teddy is sweet and the last teddy is sooo bad that i want one too! x

  5. oh and my car only plays cassettes!

  6. We have 'Willy' the flasher too. Along with a host of his bad (and not so bad) taste friends. My favourite is Leo which was the first one purchased. I choose it for my hubby on his last tour of Afghan because it is named after our son! I also got Mummy and Dark Vibe which at the time made our family group. lol.
    Since we have gained many more.
    I hope you enjoy moving and the new place is a real home for you.
    xx :o)

  7. That cheecky teddy bear got me in stitches!
    ... A lot!


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