Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Home made Pizza anyone?

The thought of shop bought pizza's fills me with dread, after
making a home made one there is no going back!

Self raising flour and water (nothing else) mix together, add a
little water at a time.  Aim for a soft, spongy
consistency and roll out a rough circle.  Slap into a frying
pan that has a dollop of olive oil in it. Keep on moderate heat
and keep your eye on it.

In another pan, dollop more olive oil and throw in some fresh
ingredients, i.e. spring and normal onions, peppers etc
Lightly cook these until they are fairly soft, don't let the onions
go brown!  Take of heat.

Get a nice big cupful (they look good in a vintage cup!) of
fresh toms, any will do but small and RIPE is good.

Grate some cheese, here iv'e used cheddar, any will do.

Get hold of some of this - really spicy and zingy, but
its not too hot for those delicate souls.

Of course some of this to.

Slap some olive oil onto a baking tray

Get yourself a big vintage spoon
If your'e lucky enough to have one of course.

Squirt huge dollops of relish and tom concentrate onto the
(gently frying, now nicely warmed up) pizza base, and spread, spread,

Check on the underside of the base, you want a slightly
brown bottom. (Oh Matron)

Take off heat and pour the fresh veg on top
and have a good old spread again
Shove it in the oven on a lowish heat.


When the veg topping is just on the point of being cooked
throw the cheese on (from a height like Jamie if your'e brave)
and put back in the oven.  Turn up heat ever so slightly and 
watch the cheese bubble.

When you are happy with your pizza, how long you
cook it is all personal taste of course, GET STUCK IN!

This makes a lovely lunch, it also goes well with salad
on the side.



  1. Now that's a very good pizza recipe! We make our own pizzas too, but we do everything in the oven - very similar recipe to yours as well, only using plain flour with baking powder added. We have about 500,000 pizza trays (give or take a few) so it's easy enough for us to just chuck them in the oven.

    I always make too much, because the leftovers can be cut into slices and stored in the freezer for quick lunches or dinners!

  2. That loves so tasty, can I come round for a slice? lol

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. I swear this goes against each and every principle of pizza making I have ever learned from my Mum, but I'll HAVE to try it. Pan- fried, seriously? Cool! *yum*

  4. Oh wow this is brilliant! I don't like shop bought pizzas either and am wheat intolerant so a recipe to make my own with some nice Dove's Farm flour is perfect. I am also ALL about the easy, so this works for me on every level. ;)

    I've been having a look round your blog after you kindly stopped by mine, and I really enjoyed seeing your art and all the things round your house. I love having a peep in other people's houses. :)


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