Monday, 21 March 2011

I've hit a brick wall - help!!

OK so I would like my own blog button, you know the ones that you click on the picture and then are taken to that persons blog.  I have sourced how to do this on the web, but do you think I can? NO!  I have even downloaded the proper codes etc, I still only get either a code (that people have to paste into their own blogs) with no pic, or nothing.  Before I throw my computer from a great height will someone please tell me IN PLAIN AND IDIOT PROOF ENGLISH what on earth im doing wrong?  Arhhhh!  By the way the sun is shining here so im kinda happy............


  1. I know it's so frustrating isn't it, I too have tried, If you find out how let me know, and visa-versa!

  2. So I think I did this with my website button on my blog - If you go to design and add gadget then add picture. you upload the picture you want for your button and a link to where you want the picture to take people when they click on it. That should hopefully work. Hope that makes sense.

  3. btw - i love the font on your blog - how did you get that?


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