Monday, 7 March 2011

What does your stuff say about you?

Most of us have a certain "style".
I love shabby chic, vintage, primitive, country homespun.
Also my taste sometimes falls into modern (art or figurines for
Anything unusual or off the wall gets my attention, if it creates
a talking point, then i'm happy.
Here's just a small selection of what I like
in my home.
What's your style?

Beautiful horse print

Metal globe

A very happy Bhudda!

Erotic bronze

My only piece of Poole pottery

From the fab Folksy shop "Diomo Glass"

Ballerina from the Next catalogue!

Gothic heavy metal candlestick 

The world print

In the kitchen

Chalk board (everyone should have one)

A little retro corner of the kitchen

Shabby plate rack

Where we keep the eggs!

Where we keep the veg!

Something to brighten the loo up!


My own work - "Sunny Hunny"

All bathrooms need shells - don't they?

This is BOOBY - isn't she fab?

The too gorgeous David Beckham in his
Real Madrid days, complete with authentic autograph

A metal tower, bought at a craft fair.

Stunning fused glass (with it's own crack!!)

My own work - more beach huts

Beautiful movement in this painting


  1. I fab post idea! I might use this when I am going through a 'dry' period! Fantastic and really enjoyable!

    My stuff says ' for goodness sake woman, stop buying stuff'! lol!

  2. I love the beach stuff, have the beach hut in my bathroom. Great chalk board as well :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Beautiful eclectic collection - will have to have a think on this one - getting me looking around the house now!


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