Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Am I turning into my Mother?

Well some say you do don't they?

Luckily we live in a market town and it's only a very short walk to the shops, BUT when you give up your car you have to compromise, trying to haul several bags of shopping is no good for the back SO I decided enough was enough and I purchased a "granny trolley" (apologies to any "grannies" reading this).  This was the only one in the shop, so I look like i'm taking my pet dalmatian walkies each time I go out.  You could'nt miss me could you!
Anyway I have now overcome the embarrassment and secretly snigger at the worn out look on other shoppers faces who are struggling with heavy loads.
Have I turned into my mother - it would seem so!!



  1. Ha, ha love it. We all end up doing things we vowed we would never do. i did a blog a while back asking if people do things like their parents now that they never said they would. Love the trolley colours - at least it is a bold uber fashion statement. You could have gone for the normal safe black or what I often see - check.

  2. Great granny trolley much nicer than those I remember! as long as it helps your back :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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