Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Looking back - good or bad thing??

I was looking back at the house I grew up in, and also looking around the area on the web.  Apart from the fact that I wouldn't recognise any of the area now, its the house that holds my interest.  I lived in East Dulwich, London.  The house is Victorian and was massive having 7 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 dining/living areas, 2 loos, 2 bathrooms, conservatory, workroom, stone room and 2 main hallways, all on 6 floors in total.  The house was also haunted.  If you stood at the bottom of the staircase and looked up you could see straight to the top of the house, apparently (so the story goes) a "figure" looked over the bannister at the top and looked down.  You can imagine this was a really spooky story AND a really creepy feeling came over you when you looked up!  I would never go to the top of house on my own when it got dark, it was even scary in the daylight!  The house certainly had a past.  My mum finally sold the house to a property developer back in 1988.  I had lived there for 32 years in all, part of that with my hubby (we had a flat in the house).  It is currently separated into 5 flats, one of which is for sale at £319K!  If the house was sold as a whole property again its worth would be over a million!  I sometimes think "if only"..............................I do miss London but saying that I don't think for a second i'd like to go back. As for the house, yes of course I miss it, the history of it and the memories.  Is it a good thing to look back?  I love what we have now, our cottage renovation, again its a Victorian property with history no doubt, this has yet to be looked into!  What do you think?

East Dulwich house


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  1. A wow bet it was great for hide & seek? My ex partners family used to live in a big old farm house that had rooms all the way up into the loft it was meant to be haunted. It was an absolutely stunning house & had 2 sets of staircases but i hated looking all the way to the end just like you it freaked me out slightly. A house sorely missed for all its memories & a big table in the kitchen that the family would sit around chatting. I love a house with character & a story to tell


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