Saturday, 21 May 2011

Happiness on a plate

It's Saturday, so lovely blogger friends I am cooking a very simple meal that i'd like to share with you (not the meal the recipe!).

First take some prawns, I used ready cooked for quickness

Slice up some peppers (I like yellow and orange as they are not so strong) and some spring onions

Buy a packet of this

And................some Basmati rice

Top Tip no 1.

I always use one cup of rice to one cup of water - works every time (well it does with Basmati)

Top Tip no 2.

I always soak my rice in cold water for up to an hour, it helps make the rice soft and fluffy.

Top Tip no 3.

Always use Olive Oil - it's just BETTER!

Anyway pour a good glug of OO in a large pan and heat "gently".

Chuck in your peppers and spring onions, but not from a great height (like Jamie O).  If your'e like me the whole lot will end up all over you, or the floor.....................

When they begin to soften, throw in your prawns

Give it a good stir, still on a gentle heat and wait until the prawns soften slightly, remember if they are the cooked ones this will take about 3-4 minutes.

Then get your sachet of  Szechuan sauce and pour all over the contents of the pan - STIR!

Give the sauce time to "melt"into the food (another 2-3 minutes) and then take off the heat and keep warm.  Best to put a lid over the pan to keep the juices going).

Take your rice (that has been soaking) and transfer to a pan with a cup of water and a pinch of salt.  Put on a high heat and wait until the rice begins to bubble very slightly.

At this point I would cover the pan with a tea towel (never leave unattended) leaving a small gap at the side of the pan.  If you have a lid or plate, then use them, just remember the gap - like this......................

The heat now has to be turned down to a simmer (very low), you will notice after a short time that the rice has "puffed" this.

The temptation to stir is overwhelming........but resist resist!!

When is the rice cooked?  Take a spoon and gently "scrap" the rice over the bottom of the pan

If it comes away "clean" i.e. the rice has not stuck to the bottom then you are on the way to perfect fluffy rice.

Take a spoonful and taste it, you will soon know when it's done.  If it's "crunchy" the heat is too high, and there may be no going back...........don't chuck more water on as this will spoil it!

Take rice away from heat and return the prawn dish to the heat (again keep low), and this is just personal taste, you can then pour the rice straight onto the prawns and mix together.

Transfer to plates and enjoy!


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  1. Add some Jalapenos and I'm good :D Just the kind of meal I love. Easy, light and utterly satisfying. And the washing- up is no big deal, neither!


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