Thursday, 26 May 2011

A lovely ACEO came my way today

I love art, I even have a go myself.  When the ACEO craze hit us I had no idea what they were and I thought what good is having a painting or print as small as this?  BUT of course it helps if you find the right artist.  I have been  follower of an enchanting blog  for some time and I greatly admire this lady's work, so I finally bought myself this limited edition print, a little beauty called "Bird on a Wing".

The ACEO was also beautifully presented, something that I try very hard to do myself and I believe it makes a huge difference to the receiver!  A beautiful image with a hand written note and a couple of "extra's" has encouraged me to go back again and again to build up a collection of her work, and ACEO's are very affordable.

Aren't they just delightful!



  1. Thanks so much for these lovely words, Pen. :)
    And you are welcome to come back often.
    Keep creating!!!

  2. These are just so cute - love em. Will go off and have a little lookey now


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