Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pretty cards for Summer (and Copyright issues)

Here is a small selection of cards that I have been experimenting with.

I wish I could say that these were my designs but there are backing papers that I had lying around.  I just took a snap of them then printed them directly onto the card - they seem to have come out really well.

I can take credit for the "green abstract" one (3rd photo down) as this was part of one of my own paintings that was heavily textured and I was pleased that the card actually looks textured.

I was trying to find out about "copyright" issues when using backing papers, it's proving more difficult than I thought.  I can only assume that as long as I dont "sell" a pad of paper stock as a "pad of paper stock" and say that it's my own design, that is acceptable??  I would imagine that thousands of card makers sell their own handcrafted cards with various backing papers etc etc.

If in doubt always mention the source!   So......................some of these were given free from a Cards and Papercraft magazine (at least 2 years ago), BUT there was no mention of who the designers were, but as these ones are just "for show" i'm sure that i'm not breaking any rules!!

Can anyone in bloggerland shed any light on this issue??

© rosa lily



  1. I can't help you there! What I will say is that you have done a great job - fabulous cards!

  2. Wow, they have printed up really well. As a card maker, it is a very very difficult area to decide what is correct and what is not. I may be wrong, but I think you can use backing papers alongside your own designs, but for reprinting them and selling them it seems a dodgy area. I think the copyright belongs to the designer of the paper. I'm always so careful about copying images that mayhave a copyright. I usually check that they are in the public domain and sometimes you still have to pay the original designer, or using stuff from books etc on cards, which I have also seen if there is copyright too. I will only do this if I am making it for personal use as I am not making money from it. I have seen lots of things on folksy that I believe could break copyright rule, but it is not for me to say. It is up to the individual that is making them as to whether they deem it correct or not. Things like disney characters, little kitty etc. I have seen lots of, but who am I to say.

  3. Can't help you with any advice, but they are really lovely designs and would be really popular

  4. There's quite a difference between using the papers in a handmade card and digitally copying it and recreating as many as you want from only 1 piece of paper. Many backing papers are sold with a licence to use the actual paper in a small business (although some only have a personal use only licence). They are not sold with the licence to copy it. You can buy digital scrapbooking papers online that come with commercial use licences.
    Lots of people do sell things that they dont have a licence to and they could end up in trouble about it. Usually the first action a designer or company would do is send a cease and desist notice though.
    If you wish to stay within copyright law then I dont think you can sell the cards above even if you credit the designer (unless you obtain further permission) as you have copied the papers and not paid for the use licence per sheet as you would if you bought a pack of the paper and made it all up into cards.


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