Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bit of an arty afternoon

The weather is awesome here, it must be 90 degrees, its so hot I don't know where to put myself, so I did a painting afternoon, some fantasy faces.  Me and the heat don't get on so i'm not sitting in it. Is it boiling hot where you are?  Have a great Sunday whatever you do x


© rosa lily


  1. Lucky you baking in 90 degree heat - summer totally forgot to come to Ireland this year! I love your whimsical ladies - the background looks great against the lovely soft pastels- is it stamped?
    Thank you for your comment on my blog about my twisty towns - they will be for sale as I'm making them specifically for an art fair I'm going to in August and depending on how they do I'll put some on my Etsy shop after that (I'm sort of hoping they'll all sell at the fair to be honest but I can always get more canvasses and do more designs if they do well!)

  2. They are great love them. It was really hot here sunday while I did my race I burnt my shoulders yet saturday it rained, blinking british weather can never make up its mind


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