Saturday, 4 June 2011

A box of old crafts

Sorting through a few boxes I came across some items I made some time ago.
Do you hang onto your old stuff and try to sell it again or re-use it maybe?

Little felt houses

Blank card

Felt egg cosy

Felt owl

Felt mouse



  1. I love those houses! Yes I have loads of stuff I have made but don't know what to do with! lol!

  2. o i love the houses two, so lovely ans sweet. x

  3. Cute houses! I also have old bits and bobs/samples that I'm not sure what to do with. Thought of opening a Folksy or etsy shop solely to sell old stock etc but not sure I'd really have enough to fill it! Otherwise will maybe try and sell bits off cheaply if I ever do any fairs! x

  4. hello Rosa Lilly love your felt creations thanks for your lovely comments on my blog nice to meet you thanks Claire x

  5. I can't throw stuff away if I think it may be of use another time, I'm a complete hoarder through & through and I think my daughter is going the same way, soon we will need another house just to put all our stuff into.
    Love the felt houses, they are lovely


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