Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How to lose weight at work without even trying!

Fed up with wearing these?

Want to look like this?

The lazy gal's guide to getting fit and looking good

1.  Never take the lift, always take the stairs (two at a time if you can manage it). This will impress those who are waiting by the lift and they will think you are super fit.

2.  Always volunteer to make tea and coffee all day, running around with hot drinks will give you a glow.

3.  Always place files on a high shelf, this will give your arms a good workout.

4.  Pace up and down when speaking on the phone , this makes you look important and will give your bum and legs a great workout.

5.  Drop your pen on the floor several times a day – bend over and keep the knees straight to pick it up. This will give you a sudden rush of blood to the head thus making you more intelligent.

6.  Bending over in front of your boss will give him a sudden rush of blood but wont make him more intelligent, and seeing the look of gratitude on his face will make you smile all day…………….(good for the skin).

7.  Have a row at least once a day with an annoying colleague, this is good for the heart and lungs.

8.  Flirt with anyone who is remotely good looking, lots of pouting and eyelash batting helps facial muscles.

9.  Never flirt with the office creep, this will only bring you out in a sweat and will be highly unattractive, although quite effective for weight loss.

10.  Hug a colleague every day. Hug tightly for at least 10 seconds as this can bring great benefits to the arms and upper body.



  1. Great post! love the cat hug :0)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Heehee love it - brilliant words and excellent piccys - love the cat hug too xx - thanks for making me smile today

  3. haha what a brilliant post that put a smile on my face (oh good for the skin, thanks for that im positively glowing) have a great day x

  4. Did we used to work together? LOL


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