Friday, 10 June 2011

Ive lost my followers!!

All of my 187 followers have gone!!  Can anyone tell me how to get them back?
They were there first thing this morning, now they have disappeared! 
Is Blogger having more problems?



  1. Don't think they wil have gone forever, mine kept disappearing a few weeks back - nothing I did could get them to appear -just a big blank space in my sidebar but then a few days later they just came back by themselves! It's blogger being in a bad mood again :( but hopefully they will come back soon! x

  2. There are loads of problems with blogger at the moment. I have to fiddle around to try and find the blogs I follow because they don't come up on my dashboard anymore. I think they are doing massive overhauls and this has screwed them up all over the place. Hopefully you will get them all back soon. xx

  3. Ok so I have totally jinxed myself as now my followers have gone again too!!!!!! (although they do re-appear if I change browsers to google crhome) ... lets hope we both get them back again soon! x

  4. Ay Up - Just checked my blog and I have lost all my followers too - so it must be to do with the blogger people. I'm sure we still have them, but they have somehow been hidden or shifted somewhere. I'll let you know when and if I get them back! xx

  5. I've lost mine too, although I can get them if I go on my blog via my ipod touch...strange


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