Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ive reached the magic 200

Well I got there, 200 followers - yah!! about I do a giveaway?  Mmmmmmmmm, i'm not sure what to give as it will be my first one ever.  Some of my "felt" items have had nice comments, also my mini canvas paintings, especially the "seaside" themed ones.  Hard isn't it!!  I'm going to look into my big box of "makes" and have a good think.

In the meantime go to  for a current giveaway from a lovely blogger! (until Saturday!)

Anyone else get a bit stuck for a giveaway?



  1. I sometimes get gripped by the daft panic - What if I do a Giveaway ...and no one enters...

    I love your little Birds on folksy

    Happy 200
    noodleBubble x

  2. Congrats on 200 followers :) I tend to have too much to giveaway, it is had deciding what! love your seaside things but then again I love anything to do with the seaside, I'm off to see the sea next week for a couple of days, can't wait!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. congratulations! i got to 100 and am doing a giveaway if you want to see mine? xxx looking forward to seeing yours .....oooo errr!

  4. Congratulations! This is great news! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx


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