Thursday, 9 June 2011

More fun with Felt!

I am having a strange week, I seem to want to make loads of cute felt things.  Trouble with me is that I have my head all over the place and I never stick to one craft (ever).  I'm not complaining of course but when you want to sell stuff it may be better to just stick to one thing, i.e. knitting or art.  Are you a jack of all trades?  Does it frustrate you or are you happy to be a crafting genius, we all are of course!

XX  © rosa lily


  1. I'm the same always got a few things on the go at the same time, perhaps thats why tea is ivariably burnt!

  2. I'm definitely a head all over the place kinda girl! Thanks for your comment on my blog, lovely to read yours too :) x


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