Sunday, 5 June 2011

Trying to print out my ACEO's

These are my own artwork so I thought i'd try and make them into prints ACEO size.
As I don't have Photoshop I have to rely on a tape measure up against the screen to get a nearly perfect size.
I must download GIMP, apparently its as good as Photopshop and FREE!!
Anyway here we go:

I can actually draw properly when i'm in the mood (not very often!)

These next two are highly textured and a very simple technique. More my style!

And this one is a part of the mixed media image I did a few posts ago.
Beach Huts and Sailing Boats



  1. These are great I especially like the first one

  2. They tape measure bit made me chuckle cos I too put a ruler up to the screen! lol!


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