Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A bit of this, that and the other

After a fabulous 25th Anniversary celebration dinner yesterday, today we are back to normal.
During the day we had a trudge around the antique shops, we were hoping to buy a small grate for the newly constructed fireplace (still works in progress), but couldn't see anything small enough, still about another 5 shops to explore.

Instead we bought this charming little rusty clock for under a fiver

and this crazy cockerel (I think) he was under £3

He keeps our other daft chicken company

Also recently bought some lovely pastel jars



  1. Congrats on celebrating 25 years of marriage! I just got married July 2 of this year. Love your blog design and am glad to have happened by today. Way to go on finding the pastel jars... too cute!

  2. Looking good - all of it. Love that fireplace.

  3. Loving all your new purchases. Happy anniversary.

  4. 25 Years! Flippin eck! Congratulations to you both! xx Love the clock!


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