Friday, 8 July 2011

Completely had it with Facebook now!!!!

I just knew it was a mistake to try and get a FB account.  Three days in and i'm fuming.  All I wanted was a business page, but also had to open a "profile", but then I couldn't have 2 accounts, and then I couldn't leave messages on other peoples walls on their business accounts,  so I deactivated my profile (personal) page and of course I now cannot get into my Business page, so I am now losing the will to live as you can imagine.

I will use Twitter from now on - it's simple and quick.

I never normally rant on this blog and I hate doing it BUT after trying everything I can think of  (help centres, forums etc)  I am not going to waste any more of my time!  On a much lighter note (sigh of relief all round)  I see I have a couple more entries for the giveaway (yah!).  If you haven't entered then please do!



  1. Ive always been on with facebook but then i had a personal account way before the business one, but yes twitter is much easier. Its blogger that sends me round the twist sometimes i cant access my account other times i cant leave messages so annoying grrrr...rant over.

  2. I must be having the worst senior moment, first my account is there, then its not, then I cant even leave a comment, but now I can, so for the moment FB is up and running. I think i'll go for a lie down x

  3. I found facebook so confusing at first - having a teenager around really helps! Even now my page disappears every so often - I just leave it be and it magically reappears in its own time.

  4. A lot of my friends have opened 'personal' pages in their business name and then linked their 'business' page to that. X

  5. I'm watching your experience with interest as I too have no clue and I am hoping to learn something. I wanted a business account but had to have a profile one too and when I want to do something on the business one I can 'swap over ' to the business one for the day. Flip knows if that is right but it seems to be okay so far. Sue x

  6. oh god I know how you feel! I lasted little more than a week before completely losing the plot! I experienced the same as you, I started with one account when all I wanted was a business account and realised you couldn't switch once you'd already opened a personal one.sigh. it got more complicated after that, and I gave up!!


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