Saturday, 16 July 2011

Dirty weekend? Maybe not

When my hubby said "do you want a dirty weekend?" I wasn't expecting it to be quite like this!

We are going to expose the fireplace, and we ordered the surround etc yesterday, it's a  cast iron surround which was a snip at £149 and that included the delivery!

We were hoping to find treasure up the chimney but all we found was a pile of rotten, damp newspapers!

Then it was time to pull up the one remaining grotty carpet in the lounge.  Well two actually, as you can see there was a delightful "pub" carpet underneath the top one.  We have the new carpet being fitted on Tuesday and we can't wait.

My hubby said "Don't put my builders bum in your blog!"  As if!

Roll on Tuesday



  1. Awww you should have kept the pub carpet, think it may be all the rage next year, you know 'retro' and all that, & that was a safe pic of your hubby.
    Enjoy your weekend cant wait to see the finished lounge!
    Karen x

  2. you have been busy and hopefully by next weekend a beautiful house and a different kind of dirty weekend to celebrate! xx

  3. I love watching people renovate and this is fascinating - can't wait to see the finished room - should look lovely and cosy. You made me laugh about the dirty weekend bit!!

  4. The fireplace revamp has to be the dirtiest job ever I think. We did ours several years ago and I believe I lived with a dirty great hole in my lounge for 8 months, my own fault though really because I decided to make all the tiles myself including the hearth tiles, what a job that was!!! Done now

  5. Ooh I can't wait to see the pics of your new fire! I had to laugh at your dirty weekend...we have plenty of those, but like yours they are always involving dust and mess ;) x


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