Saturday, 30 July 2011

This is so clever !

I'm having one of "those" days today so I trawled the web and found these: 

Just look at these amazingly pretty Post it Notes!  How could you tear these up and scribble on them?

Or how about Chocolate Pencils?  Yummy

Or a Banana fruit drink in a Banana style carton!  Genius.

And these are not clever, they are just CUTE !



  1. The fruit post it notes are so clever I couldnt possibly use them but the chocolate pencils may go missing!! love the banana cartons great idea

  2. some nice Ideas here, such a cute kitty too :)

  3. What a great post! How cute is the Dear! And the fruit!

  4. Love the apple post-it notes!

    Ashley xx

  5. I'm with the others, i LOVE the apple post-it notes, BUT i couldn't use them... unless you just tore a bit out so you were left with an apple core at the end :)

  6. PS wanted to reply to the comment you left on my blog but you are a "no-reply" blogger so I'll post it here instead. Hopefully this will make sense!

    "Hilarious! I love your honesty, thank you. I think my brief plastic interlude maybe over (too many bags required, and too obviously Tesco's!) so I'm working with fabric again tonight :)

  7. haha thank you so much for sharing these great finds! They made me smile...especially the picture of the kitten! what a cute expression =]
    The post-it notes look amazing! I wasn't really sure what you wer on about at first as the apple ones look so realistic!


  8. Gorgeous piccys - love that little kitty


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