Sunday, 31 July 2011

A very handy craft table and a new seaside painting

Wanted to show you the table (IKEA) that is currently in our study.  It was very cheap (I think under £30) and is solid wood, big and can fold away when not in use.  In fact we have another one in our kitchen, as it makes an extra work top.  It just sits on a bracket and it is very strong.

(Sorry about the picture quality)

Also did another of my "seaside" themed small canvas mixed media paintings.

The worst bit were the crushed up shells and trying to make them stick on the canvas!  The whole painting is made to look really "rough" with several layers of "gesso" (or primer) and then using watercolour paint, string, shell and even a hint of glitter.  Lets hope I don't find a pile of shell pieces on the floor in the morning!



  1. how lovely!
    and THANKS for popping over and visiting today - GB is thrilled to get some comments (although has asked me if there are any more approximatly once every 5 minutes since!)
    fee x

  2. Hi Pen! Thanks for popping by! I absolutely love your seaside ideas! I want to go and play with string too! xxxxx

  3. nice Art Rosa :), I also like the idea of that Ikea table, would be really useful to have one of those x

  4. Ooh I could do with one of those, infact most people could do with one of those! Great buy, love the seaside ideas, keep them going!!


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