Friday, 22 July 2011

Vintage/Antique shops galore

Managed to nip out yesterday (in between the rain clouds) to snap a few more local images to give you a taste of where I live.

I am a London girl by heart, I then moved to Kent (when I married) and now we live in Lincolnshire.  We have been here 9 years now.  This is our 3rd house since coming here, and unless we have any luck on the good old Lottery or Euro thingy then we are staying put in our Victorian renovation, the trials and tribulations of said property can be found here :  if you like that kind of thing, anyway we live in a market town called Horncastle, famous for it's antique shops, unlike junk shops, but some people may think antiques are junk!  It is a conservation area and has a rich history with some lovely old buildings, we also have a twice weekly market.

The local church

Part of the river Bain

There are the quaint little tea rooms jotted about the place, and this is a favourite of ours called The Bridge, owned by (believe it or not) John Prescott's (MP) brother.

As you would expect there are some adorable cottages dotted about to, this one was the Old Dispencery (apologies for spelling)

Original features are everywhere here

Cobbled roads

Picture perfect homes (sigh)

And when we win Euro thingy we WILL be buying one of these little beauties (house envy !!).
More sighs

In the meantime we are happy to be here, our lovely Christmas Cottage x



  1. Wow fab pics Horncastle is beautiful. Lovely to see another blogger from Lincolnshire. I live in Ingham near Scampton :) x

  2. Love your pictures = it looks really pretty and you are very lucky to live in such a nice area. Where did you live in Kent? I live near Rochester, Kent - not quite as nice as where you are now.

  3. Hi Michelle, not many of us come from Lincolnshire! Chrissy, I was in Walderslade at first then moved to Dock Road (Chatham) and had an apartment overlooking the Historic Dockyard, I used to go to Rochester a lot! Small world x

  4. Lovely pics.
    When we win the euro thingy we're going to buy a scrummy house too. . . ;0)
    Meanwhile we have a to be fair not too bad considering the last one MOD semi in what would be a quite piece of Suffolk. Only we live beside an airfield, so we have helicopters day and night. Still I can see green fields from my living room. :o)

  5. Looks like a lovely place... never been to Lincolnshire before but it looks beautiful! x
    p.s, If I win the lottery, will also be buying one of those cottage ;) xx

  6. Firstly, love the changes to your blog :) and secondly love where you live! there are some beautiful places and I would love to come shopping with you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. hello - and very pleased to meet you! I see we have some friends in common - and I have already moved in to your sidebar! (Thank you kindly - I will be returning the compliment shortly!)
    Your lovely blog looks right up my street - as does your cottage. off for a nosey round....
    fee x

  8. Oh my goodness. I live in Walderslade - just off of Walderslade Woods road - what a small world!! Know the dockyard and dockside well.

  9. Thank you for popping by my blog :)

    What a small world, I love Horncastle and the vintage shops there.
    My parents live in a small village just outside Mablethorpe, so I dare say I'll by swinging by Horncastle in the summer holidays

    Have a lovely weekend x

  10. I've been to Horncastle before, although many years ago now but it is so pretty.
    Lovely seeing all your photos.

  11. Oh thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures. I felt like I got to take a little trip while sipping on some tea. How lovely!


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