Sunday, 17 July 2011

What's your most popular post?

Iv'e been having a look back at every single post I ever did and reading all the comments, it's been very interesting to.  It's also interesting on who commented on some very early posts and who comments now.  Not everyone who commented was a follower, some who commented only ever did it once!  Some who comment now tend to do it on a regular basis.  I comment a lot more on other blogs than I ever have before.

 In the last 2 weeks alone I have gained another 22 followers, which in itself is remarkable.  I have a genuine interest in the people I follow on my "blog list".  I never comment just for the sake of it, or because someone has left me a comment.  I don't follow the same types of blogs either, for example I am very interested in ART but don't follow just art.

Iv'e noticed a lot of people blog near enough every day, some on the "blogger reading list"  haven't said a word for months, I tend to think some just get bored with it all, or some really don't have the time, or cant think of anything to say!

Some use blogger as an educational tool, some for their own crafts and hobbies etc, in fact it's amazing what some people do blog about!

I now enter Giveaways and swaps, and iv'e just done my first giveaway, that I really enjoyed.  Are some of you ever persuaded by the comments you get for a Giveaway in order to make up your mind on who to give the prize to?  Do you really use the Number Generator or pull names from a cup?

 We often have conversations with other bloggers instead of commenting "thats lovely!" all the time.  But that doesn't make the comment any less sincere.

The most popular posts are nearly always Giveaways.  I once entered one that had over 140 comments!!

My 2nd most popular post was about "What cant you throw out".  Obviously we are all hoarders!

One thing I did not notice (until today) was when I did a post on Wrapping Gifts.  It was very popular and  at the time I read the comments without clicking on the image to see that persons blog or site.  To my amazement one comment came from a lady called Jane Means who, if you were unaware, is  known as the "Gift Wrap Guru".  Her portfolio is vast and includes Harrods, House of Fraser, M&S, WH Smith, Claridges, O2 etc, she has even made a card for the Queen!  

I still find it amazing that she found my blog and left a really lovely comment on my wrapping ideas!!

So you never know who's looking do you!!



  1. Interesting blog there. I had a look and my largest comment list of 13 was when I talked about receiving a parcel from Royal Mail with the top torn off and the contents missing. Why did they even deliver an empty package? I think the viewing figures were over a 100 then. I find I get regular viewer numbers, but only a few comments from regulars, like yourself. If I view a blog and it makes me smile or think, I will leave a comment. So don't know what that says about my blog then - more viewers than comments!! Oh well. I like blogs that have a bit of everything, not just promoting their crafts - which I like to look at, but not be the sole purpose. Yours is very interesting because you have a mixture of a lot of things. I love watching you do up your new house - am I a stalker!!! Ooh, hope not. I try to blog every few days. I started my blog mainly because one of my daughters lives in Canada and it was a way for her to follow our daily goings on with pictures - especially when we were decorating at the beginning of the year, but I now like to do it and interact with other bloggys like yourself.

  2. I don't blog as often as I'd like to, I've just done a blog post that's sitting and waiting for me to take photos to go with it! I try to leave comments because I love getting them! The other thing I don't remember to do very often is check my blog stats - it is interesting to see how many views different posts got, even if they didn't get many comments.


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