Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Nostalgic Sunday

Well today is traditionally a day of rest, not so in this household.  We (hubby and me) have both learned how to fit a square peg into a round hole.  Or in other words how to fit a previously large study into a tiny one.  I have a collection of singles, LP's and video's plus an old music centre that I refuse to get rid of as it is a solid piece of kit and it plays vinyl !  They will not fit into the lounge where we have DVD's and one other music centre. So it was a case of dragging a vast amount of very heavy equipment and nostalgic vinyl items up a narrow staircase to the study where (with just about everything else) we made it fit.  It certainly is not pretty and not the shabby chic calm and beautiful study I wanted BUT we have everything around us and not in a damp old shed.

Row after row of singles, LP's and video's.

Books squeezed into every available space

Crafting stuff - sewing, painting and paper.

These industrial looking chrome shelves were bought from a company called "Big Dug", they are very strong and hold tons.

Our "In Box" (that never gets emptied and household files

A corner of calm - the Teddy corner

Chess pieces that have a shelf to themselves

And finally (are you still awake?) a little bit of nostalgia in the form of vinyl (those were the days).
How embarrassing to see the Partridge Family, well I was in love with David Cassidy, what a pity he didn't keep his looks !  A few classics to, funnily enough I would buy an album just for one track in those days.

Are you a vinyl lover ?

ELO below



  1. I miss LP covers! some of those bring back memories!
    well organised -so good for your karma
    fee x

  2. My goodness what a lot you have. I have some of those albums too, but I must admit I did get rid of loads and loads - probably worth a mint now. The trouble with me is I get fits of 'tidying up and de-cluttering' and woops off they all go. I could easily live in an almost empty house - less to clean and less to dust. I so admire you keeping all your bits and bobs - you obviously have a much stronger constitution than me.

  3. Well done on your magic trick of fitting everything in! I'm proud of you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Goodness me how did u manage to get it all fitted in. i had to give up so much when i moved house sob sob. (your link is now live)

  5. Wow! I too have loads of vinyl, I was looking through it all yesterday pricing it up for a bootsale which I did today, some of them are really expensive now as they are so rare! well I suppose they would be that price to a collector but not sure everyone would pay that price! I also have a retro vintage record player that I don't really want to get rid of, but trying to make space..actually I don't think I am going to sell that I want to keep it! I like your lovely teddies :) and oooh! I loved Saturday Night Fever! and David!


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