Saturday, 6 August 2011

OK lovelies I need your help

Good morning !

I need your help in creating a "name" for a website.  The content will be art (mostly), as my brain is clearly switched off this morning I would be interested in getting your comments.

Anything that includes the word "art", or it can be a fantasy name, anything creative but unusual.  If the word "art" can be incorporated in the name that would be even better.  No more than 4 words if possible.  It can include a colour, a gemstone, anything at all.  

If someone comes up with something I like I will :

Advertise their website/Etsy/Folksy shop on my blog and
send a little "thank you" in the post



  1. vintage gem of a heart!
    gem of a heart
    vintage gem!

    some ideas for you, i'm pretty switched off this morning too lol x

  2. the only word i can think of is fart - guess I'm not gonna be much help!
    fee x

  3. Genuine ARTicle
    Fresh stART
    smARTy pants =p
    colour chART
    set apART

    ooh or you could use an anagram of 'Rosa Lily Art':
    Soar lily Art

    or using 'Rosa Lily Pen' Art:
    Paisley Lorn Art
    Plane Rosily Art
    Loyaler Pins Art
    Parsley Lion Art (hahaha love this one =p )
    Plainly Rose Art
    Spirally One Art
    Pearl is only Art (another one I like!)

    ok, I'll stop now! haha as you've probably already guessed...i'm a bit of a word nerd =p


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