Sunday, 21 August 2011

This is a very beautiful blog

I love to find new blogs and I came across this one a few days ago

It's one of those blogs that you have to keep looking at, full of the most beautiful images with stunning photography -I would like to share some with you.  Click on the link and enjoy for yourself !

A fabulous craft room - I would just like to sit in it let alone be creative !

A mood board

Random inspiring images



  1. Beautiful pics, off to check it out now!

    B xxx

  2. Stunning is the only word for it

  3. She is one of my faves, too! Her work is so incredibly beautiful and detailed!

  4. What an ethereal room, I would simply love to sit in for just a moment! :)
    xo Joanna

  5. It's far too pretty to be practical for me. Very lovely but looks like an ornate nursery/sewing room.
    I just imagine my two boys 'helping' me it'd be black and grey before long.


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