Friday, 2 September 2011

Any Facebook followers please?

Ive managed to get my Etsy shop on Facebook and I need some "likers"
so if any of you lovely bloggers are at your computer now can you click
on the Angel (left of this) and like me please !

Have a lovely weekend everyone



  1. Hi, I have 'liked' it but as my husband as I don't have a facebook account - hope thats okay - good luck with your shop xxx

  2. done it* have a nice weekend too

  3. I have liked your page. How on earth did you get yr etsy on FB. I have been looking without success. Sue x

  4. ill have a little look for you after this. I have a give away over on my blog to celebrate Finishing touch Interiors 1st birthday there is also a little suprise for you xx

  5. I had a fiddle with Etsy after I left your comment and seem to have finally sussed it! Thanks Sue x


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