Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Beautiful spaces and places

A magical door

The creative hideaway

What magic can you find behind here

Just a glass of wine required

Would you go up there at night?

Spooky and serene

Rose petals to welcome you home



  1. love these images theres something magical about them isnt there like they are all scenes from fairy storys or something

  2. Ive just popped on over to Cristals Creations what a wonderful blog unfortunatley it wont let me follow or leave a message & couldnt find website either think bloggers playing up again but just wanted to say lovely blog & shes also a neighbour im a suffolk gal too

  3. I will dream of living in each of these beautiful places...dreaming is coming easier everyday!lol

  4. Beautiful photos, like a fairytale :)
    Karen Xxxx


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