Monday, 5 September 2011

Blue Angel - mixed media

Just a little mixed media of a Blue Angel
Its plastered over an old canvas that I didnt like
I think it works


© rosa lily


  1. HI! You are my 100th blog follower so you win the original painting on my blog post today! Please contact me with your address so I can mail it to you. You can also find me on facebook here: and on etsy:

  2. Gorgeous colours, I love all the different shades of blue x

  3. Are you only on Etsy now? What is the English equivalent of $29.56?

  4. just beautiful!
    lovely to see you at mine earlier - you should defo look up Gesail. The people who own it are a gorgeous (slightly crazy) couple whose main residence is in london. The farmhouse sleeps 6-8 and is very old and a little creepy, but full of atmosphere. The barn is far more us - a big light space, quite recently converted. It (officially) sleeps 2 but we got 9 in last week. Don't tell them! There's one double room, and a sleeping platform complete with mattresses, where our boys very happily sleep.(up a vertical fixed ladder) There's also a sofa bed but it;s not particularly comfy.
    I think I have more pictures on my flickr site from a previous visit - it's in such a fab place - if you love the outdoors.
    (it's in Alistair Sawday too)

    Anyway, I'm liking that I've found time to catch up with my blogging pals!
    fee x

  5. Something about the blues you chose here that are sooo soothing :) She's simply a pleasure to look at!


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