Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Everything you wanted to know - but were afraid to ask

My 1st blog post was on the 23rd August 2010, 13 months on I have accumulated 245 followers and had 6331 page views.  Iv'e had 3 shops on Folksy (now closed) and have one on Etsy (very much open), I use Twitter and Facebook to share my thoughts and art, I share my other loves on Pinterest and use Flickr to share my crafts.  I am a member of the art network Willowing.  In the space of 4 months I won 7 giveaways, and this still astonishes me.  I have just completed my 2nd commission for a London advertising/marketing agency for Christmas cards.  A word I used on the cards matched the name of their agency, pure chance that could ever happen, and that's how they found me on the internet.  I am participating in my first ever Christmas swap this year.  Ive been given 6 blog awards.  Some people cant stand them - I think it's very generous that a person you don't know thinks your blog is worthy (for whatever reason), so I always accept with great heart.  I always try and comment on as many blogs as I can, not because I want a comment back but because I actually find the post a good read.

Phew - are you still awake??

OK some things about me (yawn)

I am 55 years old
My name is Penny (but I like to be called Pen)
I was born on the 1st February in London
I have long hair (for a 56 year old)

I have a tattoo of a large tiger on my left shoulder blade (there's a rock chick in there somewhere)
I have no intention of ever acting my age

I love animals
I loathe liars, cheats and cruelty
As I get older I get more tearful (hormones !!)

Are you still awake lovelies??
I was 6 when I bought my first record and I have a vast music library,  music is a healer - no doubt about it
I believe that what goes around - comes around (so be nice to me)
On my wedding day as I got out of the car at the church a little girl ( in a loud voice) said
" It's the Queen !"

I am a dreamer
Ive learned to accept my body (it's taken some time !)

Im not religious but I believe that something must have made all of this.  I also believe
in guardian angels, in whatever form they appear

Regrets ?  Ive had a few (I nearly broke into song there!)
I'm hopeless with money, so I regret never having any (boo)
Magic Knickers? I dont think so ! Too much squishing and squashing.

Charity begins at home (always)
Im 5ft 6in (Im happy about that)
I have a real "fear" of those old type ventriloquist dummies, the ones that look like little men (shudder shudder)
I love the feel of old books
Do you get the feeling I need to get out more?

Have a great rest of the day lovelies



  1. What a brilliant brilliant blog Penny. I always wonder about the 'virtual' friends I have. How old they are, what they like etc. etc. Maybe we should all do a similar blog to give some insight into each other's lives. Loved it (p.s. thanks for your advice today on some websites - have had a good look and found an amazing one which is a bit like doing an e-course on dementia. Has helped me understand the problems more and what hopefully I can do.)

  2. I too think it is lovely to learn more about the friends we have in blogland xx

  3. Great post 'Pen'! We should all do one like this- it would be really interesting to get to know a little bit more about us all. I love your long hair, I've never quite understood why the majority of women of shall we say 'a certain age' always lob off their lovely hair and instead fashion these rather boyish hair cuts! I hope you untie it sometimes and have a good head bang to your vast music collection! x

  4. Lovely post, great to hear more about you! Well done on such a successful blog over the last 13 months, here's to another! Jenny x

  5. Wow, I just love this post what a picture you paint, so glad I read this love your honesty and humour. What a year you have had! I'm so glad you have the following you do because Rosa Lily blog is always a great read
    Keep up the great work!!

  6. what a wonderful post! so many fun things! thank you for sharing so much inspiration!

    xo, juliette

  7. Great to find out about you Pen xx

  8. Hi Pen!
    I LIKE YOU! This is such a fun post! Fun getting to know you!! I too have a vast music collection and love all genres. My mom was a DJ while we were growing up so we were exposed to all kinds of music.

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. I plan on relaxing after my vacation, then a long work-week. I am going to stitch and get caught up on my DVR'd shows.

    Take good care,

  9. Such a heartwarming post! It is so nice to see the face behind the lovely blog. Congratulations on the award: you deserve it!

  10. What a great time to find your blog - just when you are telling us all about it and yourself. Have just been looking at your Etsy shop - just love your mixed media work - gorgeous. Will be back.


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