Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I got plastered yesterday

Not (unfortunately) in an alcohol kind of way.
I said to my hubby "Have you got any plaster in the shed?".
He came back with a small bag (he had used the rest on our walls) and a cup of water.
The ingredients were mixed together until it looked like sludge.
Taking an artists trowel I slapped on some of this mixture over an old painting.
Before it set hard I used various "props" around the study to make patterns.
Then I used Redimix Tempera in gold, bronze, copper and silver to colour the canvas.
Et Voila!
* Note to self : I must buy some proper Liquitex sculpting gel and not take plaster from the shed !



  1. Fantastic job!! they look amazing, I love the textures and patterns, you're so clever, well done you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. I think they turned out fab! Like Bee happy said, the textures are great =]

    nice job x

  3. WOWEE loving these - brilliant work

  4. these are really good! amazing how you managed to control this medium and create something so beautiful, I personally find plaster maddening!!

  5. They are lovely! I especially like the second one! Makes me think of sunflowers.

  6. Have left you feedback on your Etsy site xx

  7. these are gorgeous - they turned out brilliantly! I love the texture - did you use real leaves? the metallic sheen gives them a great finish,

  8. Pointy Pix - I used plastic leaves - I used to use them on my sugar craft and cake making x

  9. wow Pen these look fantastic just the right feel for the autum season too


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