Saturday, 22 October 2011

The witching hour is nearly here

I found some interesting facts on the web today about Halloween

 Where It All Began

It originated in Ireland

The black cat has long been associated with witches, it was believed that witches could change into cats and also that cats were spirits of the dead.

Samhain (or Halloween as it is now known) is a celebration of reincarnation.

It is also called All Hallows Eve
The Feast of the Dead
The Day of the Dead
All Hallow Tide

If you see a spider on this night
It could be the spirit of a dead loved one watching you ( Holy crap ! )

If you want to meet a witch on Halloween 
put on your clothes inside out and walk backwards

A large percentage of witches are vegetarians  ( tis true ! )

They don't have green faces and long noses with warts on the end
and they don't ride around on broomsticks

As well as witches it is said that ghosts and fairies are especially active on this night

According to Irish legend there was a man called Stingy Jack who sat down to drink with the devil and tricked him into paying for it.  The devil had to agree not to take Jack's soul and to promise not to bother him for another 10 years.

When Jack died God wouldn't allow him into heaven, and the devil, keeping his promise not to take his soul, wouldn't allow him into hell.  So he banished Jack into the night with a burning coal to light his way.  To keep the coal lit he put it into a carved out turnip.  Since then Jack has been roaming the earth.

Today people light pumkins to ward Jack off.

Also one of the scariest films on the planet was called Halloween

Sweet Dreams everyone !



  1. hah have a nice time* lovely photos

  2. Brilliant Post - love it, especially the little walking skeleton - well done

  3. Clever girl!!! What fun, thank you for your Halloween Tale, I enjoyed this so very much.x

  4. Thank you for sharing the real story, SCARY!!
    Great post. xo Christina

  5. OH my about the pumpkins!!! I've got goose bumps now! All fabulously scary stories!

  6. I love a fact!!!
    Didn't know that about the pumpkins - will be telling my boys as we (they) carve at the weekend!
    fee x
    (nice to see you over at mine - thanks for joining in!)


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