Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday Fun

Couldnt help snapping the Teddy washing line in my neighbours garden!

Is this the happiest owl ever?

Oh now !

Matchbox advent calendar 
Simple and effective

Lovely expressive face


True Love


and some Friday eye candy x



  1. When you look for the beauty in the world, visit Rosa Lily! Yummmmmmmmy♥

  2. Gorgeous finds as always - that hallway is to die for. Imagine the cost of staging that one then. Love the little squirrels. Your photo finds do cheer me up on a dreary day - many thanks.

  3. what a fab post, i love all these photos! your neighbour's teddy washing line is brilliant and as for the puppy, the kitten, the squirrels and the owl(is it real? its adorable!) imagine having a home with a massive hallway like that-ah well a girl can dream!


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