Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Money does grow on trees for some

I was having a nose around some ever so expensive London shops (via the web) when I came across this.

Six Christmas crackers from Fortnum & Mason
£1000 (yes you read that right)

Or how about a nice hand blown glass bauble for £104

If you are not minted this year how about good old handmade?

Three for £7.15


It must have taken a lot of work !

Figgy puddings for just £3.57



  1. Creative Souls should be the economic engines around this planet...(a whole nother rant)
    This Santa has a huge list to fill of happily, handmade comfiesssss, for puddleducks big&small♥
    Right again :))

  2. the homemade are soo so much nicer. ! x

  3. different worlds - that's what my bfs Mum always says....a beautiful selection of handmade there :)


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