Friday, 2 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well here we are again ! Yesterday we put up our decorations.  We hauled this lot out of a damp and dirty shed yesterday.

Yes we do have a lot of decorations!  We had to get rid of our old tree, it was over 7 feet tall and just as wide because of a move into a tiny cottage :(  Because of a serious attack of financial unhappiness we opted for a tree that cost a tenner !  By the way the ball didnt come with it.

We only have one space we can put it so it had to be "thin".  I got to work and managed to get nearly all of the decorations onto it without it falling over under the weight.  We actually anchored the tree to the ceiling.

By this time the rug was covered in glitter flakes (a bugger to get off)

Fortunately we have quite a bit of shelf space so of course I had to fill every gap.

When renovating the cottage we bought a cast iron fireplace (it is a real fire) so another excuse to fill it full of festive cheer.

And a little tradition is to clip Garfield onto a curtain !

We also managed to create a window display but no photo's as yet



  1. Can only say Wowee - I hope of course you did a risk analysis first Pen cause we don't want that tree falling on someone do we!! Looking beautiful and your tree is amazing with all those gorgeous baubles. Love your shelf display too and oh, yes the fireplace. It looks really nice and cosy. Will tackle mine in a couple of weeks - waiting on a wooden Noel sign that is currently being made by someone on Notonthehighstreet. A lovely site, but I think a tad expensive on most things - hopefully it will be well made and last me for a few years to come. My gold Noel I used last year, I dropped getting it out of the loft and it shattered into multiple pieces (boohoo), therefore investing in a wooden one this year so as not to repeat - obviously I did not do a risk analysis did I - going into the loft all on my own and bringing down the christmas decs!!!

  2. p.s. Love your christmassy background and (shhhh, your n in noel is back to front) xx

  3. Ha ha, i thought that about the n but then I thought perhaps it's a deliberate arty move! Anyway, your decs look fab and I love the fireplace, so wish I had a real fire and come to think of it a cottage....I'd do small to have these. Thanks for visiting me over at RVC. Suzy x

  4. Gorgeous decorations! I love your fireplace, so festive! I've just got my decorations out too, only to realise the tree is in the garden shed so it will have to wait until tomorrow until I can get it and start the decorating! (no way am I going in there in the dark!!!) xxx

  5. I didnt even notice the "N", ha ha! I could say it was "arty" but that would be a big lie! xx

  6. Yay, say it was arty and done on purpose

  7. When you are not putting Martha to shame you moonlight as a supersluthe! Well done. That fancy foo foo shop will be Grinch Green with envy....Warm & u
    Merry Christmas Pen♥


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