Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Winters Tale

The nights are drawing in and we begin to dress the bed with an extra blanket or two.  
Christmas morning is a heartbeat away and our homes are filled with a rising excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead.  Those who are lucky enough will put an extra log on the fire. 

Candles will be lit to bring extra warmth to our favourite room.  

Home baking will be in full swing like at no other time and the aroma of spices and fruit will fill the air.  This is a time for relaxing with loved ones and making gifts for neighbours, maybe a mince pie or two.  Nothing expensive just a kind thought from the heart and it will mean so much.  

The decorations and tree are carried in from the cold shed and there's a smile because you found those vintage ornaments you thought you'd lost. 

 The tree goes up and the fun begins, tinsel, lights, baubles and all your handmade decorations are placed on each and every branch until it resembles a six foot diamond.  Gingerly climbing onto a step ladder the fairy is placed on top, from there she can survey all the wonderment beneath her. 

Presents are taken from their hiding places and laid under the twinkling lights and others are piled high on the hearth.  

Stockings are hung either side of the fireplace and letters to Santa are furiously scribbled by excitable children.

  The clock beckons bedtime and the sleepy offspring reluctantly climb the stairs hardly able to kerb their enthusiasm.  Mum and Dad take a plate of recently baked cookies to the back door for Rudolph and his friends.  

All is quiet as they leave the room and go to bed happy in the knowledge that tomorrow will bring joy, laughter and love, and those are the best gifts of all.

All say Ahhhhhhhh now !



  1. That was lovely :-) Feeling so festive today - I'm getting excited now - more so than the kids!! Emma xx

  2. Awwww that is lovely Pen. I wasn't feeling that excited about Christmas but I am now! :)
    Thank you! x

  3. its feeling like christmas now its snowing yippy

  4. That was lovely, warm gooey feeling now! Thanks for commenting on my mushroom and reindeer x


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