Saturday, 21 January 2012

A little Bird told me

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday, here its cold and it's been raining, and of course my washing is on the  line.  Anyway I am involved in a few swaps this year, and hopefully many more when they crop up, so here is an item that is going into one of the swaps :)

I was also in an Art Swap (see a couple of posts back) and here is my artwork that I sent back ; D



  1. Neat & Tidy, everything in its place, easy to read, NO your blog...
    Perfect handkerchief stitch, matching hue for bobble, and the carefully, calmly, sculptured does match the artist?

    Your word when I think of Pen is Balanced ♥Debi

  2. Beautiful and beautiful! I love the little birdie! And your pictures are fabulous! Do you enter them into local art exhibitions? You really should!

  3. that wee bird is adorable! and i love your girl's wonderful colouring and pale 1960s lipsticked pout!


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