Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oh the Horror of it !

Myself and my OT have just had to get a couple of "passport" type photo's done.  I actually did them myself using "word" to correctly resize them (and no you don't need "photoshop" or need to pay a premium in a photo booth), anyway I digress, up until today my OT and me have been totally unaware of how "old" we have become.  It was quite a shock to see a really close up photo in all it's glory splashed across the computer screen this morning. 

 I can honestly say we were both quite depressed about it.  Every flaw was there to see in glorious widescreen !  Of course this only makes you look at your other bits and wonder where it all went wrong. 

 So instead of redecorating the house this year I have a feeling it may start with us !




  1. Ha the shock of it all eh? Join the club

  2. Oh yeh, join the club. Love the cartoon pics, especially the pusscat!! Suzy x

  3. I'm laughing in a sort of slightly hysterical. 'oh my god, i can totally relate' style! i had to get anew passport in my married name and got an Irish one this time. they require bigger closer headshots which i took myself but the upside is they make them black and white which is always more forgiving!

  4. Hilarious! And I know what you mean! x

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog, It's a real wake up call isn't it, all the best with the 'redecorating' x


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