Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Dog's Life? I think not !

Let me introduce myself, my name is Charlie or Mr Boo as my "parents" like to call me (sigh).

And im just Gorgeous :)

Anyway the sun is shining and im looking for a cosy place to snooze  zzzzzzzz

Pay attention blogging friends!  Well I know that my Mum has an old duvet rolled up in the study and I also know it would be the perfect place for a sunny cat nap near a sunny window sill  :D

Oh yes this feels good ;)

I just need my chin rubbed please :)

Can this afternoon get any more perfect?  I think not.........



  1. Mr Boo is so cute! And very handsome. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine too x

  2. Ah how lovely - not a care in the world

  3. So gorgeous, you can almost feel the bliss oozing out from the photos! Suzy x

  4. Such a cutie! He is gorgeous, I would like to come give him a cuddle!! x

  5. Give that feline a paint brush! ♥Debi

  6. I can almost hear the purrs of contentment just looking at these wonderful photos! what a sweetheart- I sometimes wish I was a spoilt house cat-what a great life they have!


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