Friday, 30 March 2012

A sewing shop? Maybe :)

Hello!  Happy Friday to you all.  Last night I was rummaging through my sewing "stuff" and decided it needed some serious attention.  A huge pile of embroidery thread was matted and knotted so that took a couple of hours to organise it.  There was also a rogue needle inside the mess, not good.

I inherited most of my sewing items and some of it is very old and mostly intact.  I found some old thimbles.

Some "End Tissue Paper", and I havent got a clue what they are or what they are used for, any ideas gals?

I also found some vintage needles and a curvy safety pin.

The name on this reel is "English Sewing Ltd".  They were based in Dulwich (London) and it was my first job, I worked in the office, I learned how to be a switchboard operator, a typist, a receptionist and a telex operator (ladies of a certain age will remember those).  I loved that job.  The company no longer exists.  

A tower of gorgeous colours!

This is the oldest reel I found and it still has most of the thread on it.

Variety of needles, from big to teeny tiny. The one on the bottom right is the smallest one ive seen, its a job to see the hole or even hold it, I suppose it's used for very delicate work.

Along with this lot (this is just a small sample) I have hundreds of buttons - I wonder if I should get a little online shop going?



  1. I think...pattern extending, or pattern altering...not sure though....I love your thimbles..the metal ones are expensive now and hard to come by...someone? new their needle work....Yes to the button shop...we both know that attractive buttons are hard to come vintage shop here, not the one I mentioned in my last blog, thought charging me 2$ for 14 unattractive buttons was fair...oh contraire.....I wont be back....
    Looking forward to visiting again!!♥Debi

  2. I am sitting here green with envy at all your sewing paraphernalia...especially all those pretty spools of thread! Makes me want to go out & learn how to sew :/


  3. What an array of colours - bet you had a great time searching through that lot. I reckon if you package up your buttons, they would definitely sell well. Would you be allowed to put them on your etsy site?

  4. I love the pyramid of coloured threads! There's always something so satisfying about sorting and organising isn't there? Job well done I'd say :)

  5. The end papers were used for perms, back in the day. A piece of tissue paper was folded over the ends of hair before being put on rollers. I think it made the hair adhere to the rollers better. I wish I wasn't old enough to know this!


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