Saturday, 24 March 2012

Thinking of a Blog makeover?

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis will know I keep changing my backgrounds, headers and just about everything else,  partly because I get bored far too easily and I can never make up my mind :(

I was having a whizz around the web today and found some Background and Header sites (all free of course) that you may or may not have heard of.  A lot of these I have tried myself :)  By the way the sweet header used on my home page is from this link  a site that has some beautiful images for your blog :)

Fabulous site full of shabby and vintage stuff

If you want a truly unique experience I would recommend this
She has over 200 to choose from and they are all gorgeous, just remember to go to "older posts" when you get to the end of the pages.

More great images to be found here

A firm favourite of mine is, loads of buttons and post dividers to :)



  1. I love so many of those and have used several of them in the past, I find it so hard to choose which one's to use so I'm boring and stick with a white background nowadays but change my header's etc every couple of months lol ;o)

    Your header is so sweet, I love the little doggy and the butterfly on it.....gorgeous!!

    A huge thank you too for the linky to my blog x

    Micki x

  2. Your Blog changes more often than my other half changes his undies!! No Lie!!
    On a serious note now. I think the first vintage style blog backgrounds would definately suit. They are really pretty. Go on you know you will change it again soon enough.

  3. You are so so like me Penny. I get so bored, so quick. I think at the moment it has been the longest ever I have left things alone. Constantly looking and changing things around myself. Have noted all these new blog background addresses ready for when the fingers get all itchy again for a change - many thanks. xx

  4. Thanks so much for visiting me today. The funny thing is... I was visiting your blog this morning then got a call and then forgot to go back! Now here I am! Yes, I love taking advantage of all the lovely free backgrounds. I love switching mine up a lot too! I'm enjoying my lavender look but might be ready for some aqua again!

  5. Now you can provide computer lessons, smarty pants! I was lucky to pull off what I have ha,ha,ha,...Ok I will try...
    maybe...sometime...hmmmm ♥Debi


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