Thursday, 15 March 2012

Well I didnt know that :)

I love to read about my blog friends and what they are like, so if you are really bored and have nothing else to do here are a few more things about moi :) As you can see I am a bit stuck for an interesting post at present!

Why do I call my blog Rosa Lily?  It's my grandmothers maiden names.  I tried for ages to think of something really clever or catchy but at the time my mind was blank hence Rosa Lily was born. 

I can ice skate.  The very first time I stepped onto the ice I skated (I did honest !)


I can read Tarot cards


I used to practice Karate (I stress "used to")


I am good at Yoga -one of the few things I do well :)


I enjoy most sports and I love football.  Using animals in sport is wrong in my opinion. Cheltenham races have lost 5 horses already - case closed.

I love photography, my camera is the most used item I own


I love music, just about anything you can think of is on my IPOD


I prefer tea to coffee, nothing wishy washy, it has to be builders tea.


All things space, the moon and the stars, it fascinates me, i'm sure there is something out there :)


The house I grew up in was haunted.  It was hard to go up into the attic rooms even during the day.

These ventriloquist dummies terrify me, they are just wrong on every level - YUK !!

Anyone remember the opening scenes of Cliffhanger?  And the bit where he drops her?
I still cant watch that without feeling quite sick :(

I have never found a job that I loved
I would love to be a property developer :)

The Dawn Chorus has to be one of the most enchanting sounds you will ever hear

A cat purring makes me happy :) Look at that face!

I really did think I was going to marry 70's heart throb David Cassidy - I had a major crush

I had a lucky escape - how did this happen?

Also on my crush list was Rutger Hauer

Loved him in Bladerunner

Oh dear :(

Mickey Rourke - when gorgeous goes wrong :(

Burt Reynolds - does plastic dummy come to mind?

Harrison Ford !!

Whatever you do - grow old gracefully !



  1. i also drink Builders! are you like me, do you have two tea bags?! (i do like a strong brew!)

  2. What a fab post.....Definitely not an advert for plastic surgery OMG ,WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM
    X Manda X

  3. Brilliant - thanks. I often wondered where the Rosa Lily came from and I loved Rutger too - so we both had a narrow escape from that one. My daughter in Canada now does the job that I would have loved to do - so I will stick to growing old disgracefully - hence no close up shots of moi xx

  4. Well that was really good about you then we get to the end and it's approaching bed time...nightmares????
    Scary! I think BR looks the worst of a badish bunch. Suzy x

  5. It is very hard to amuse me, but you are hillarious! The movie with Anthony Hopkins ( young ) he was a vantrilaquist...Scary movie???...never looked at clowns the same after that.. Yoga a screammmm! limber as a cat..or is it graceful? We both got our blog names from the women in our lives...oooo this is magical..and as for our developing heart attractions..hmmm If they disgusted my Mom...I loved them :)
    When men chase their youth they appear to be in a windtunnel.
    Totally enjoyed your story, thank you once again for the grace and humour found only here..Rosa Lily

  6. too funny - Burt looks like a wax work!
    I've saved a link to a birdsong radio channel - I thought it would be nice to wake up to, but worried I ould never get up.
    Lovely post
    fee x


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