Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Madonna is one of my followers

Yes I know how ridiculous that sounds, but a couple of days ago while reading my "Pinterest" emails I noticed I had more new followers, nothing strange about that, but when you see the name "Madonna Cicconi"
you just have to take a second look.  I could barely contain my excitement :)

Could this be it?  Fame at last?

I clicked on my Pinterest page and there she was, as large as life, Madonna was a new follower !

I was almost at the point of hyperventilation.  I had to grab the nearest paper bag.

It all looked genuine, her name and a nice image on her own page, could this be true?  Did Madonna really love all my boards?  Erm.....no!

Oh well I can dream............................click on the link, looks real eh?

Has anyone else had a famous person follow them?  Or not in this case!

Brad Pitt would have been nice....................



  1. Lol! You do make me smile with all your famous friends. Don't forget us when you're hobnobbing with all and sundry though. Xxx

  2. hehe, I have someone on pinterest following me who has the same name as one of the characters from sex and the city...but no actual real famous people :)

  3. I had a comedian following me on Twitter for a solid two weeks and then I was "Un-followed" I guess he realized I wasn't famous and I wasn't giving him any material for his jokes. I cannot for the life of me remember his name, but I can see his face...

  4. We all have our 15 minutes of fame they say - never mind. What makes you think it not real then? Cause it certainly looks like it to me.

  5. Now then Chrissy, you have me thinking now!!

  6. too funny. No famous followers round these parts I'm afraid. Trust me, if anyone ever does I'll be totally uncool about it and shout it from the rooftops!!!
    fee x

  7. But remember ALL those you climb over on the way UP you maybe reaching for on the WAY down..............We loved you first

  8. LOL. I have no famous followers. I have lots of new twitter followers which always tickles me as I go through phases of never looking at twitter but the emails pop up ... is following you.


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