Thursday, 26 April 2012

My sewing machine is alive & kicking

My lovely Singer sewing machine has often looked up at me from the dark corner of the study.  If it were human it would probably say "more money down the rain" or "at least give me a polish now and again".

Well I had a surge of creativity yesterday, something that never comes across me when I look at a sewing machine.  These contraptions frustrate me, i'm not that good with them, but I was determined to prove myself wrong.  I used some lovely thick linen like material and a few bits of ribbon and 3 lovely buttons and hey presto!

One heart pincushion and a sewing roll with a felt heart pin or needle keeper inside.  I think these may find themselves inside someone's swap parcel soon!



  1. Well done they look great! You'll be whizzing off projects out of the seaside book in no time :D Looking forward to seeing what you make next! xxx

  2. I'm no good with "the sewing" either. My mom is, but it didn't rub off on me. Love what you've made. Those shades of pink are lovely!

  3. Well done you - looks fine by me. Love the colours


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