Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Grumpy old Woman - who me?

Does anyone else feel themselves getting more and more grumpy?  Certain things that wouldn't have bothered you a few years back now make you peeved, and your'e not sure why?

Daft things like going around the supermarket and saying "excuse me" when someone's in your way, only to be given a filthy look.  I tend to say it in a very loud voice so people cant make out they haven't heard me, that apparently is wrong to.  I could always barge my way through of course.

Anyone else feel grumpy when you send emails, post or make a telephone call - you never receive an acknowledgement, if this happens to me I think to myself  "have I called the right number" or  "I hope that was the right email address" etc etc......

It drives me mad when someone telephones and then never leaves a message.  Just say "hello" that would do!  Is that really so difficult or am I being petty?

Stupid ad's get on my nerves, normally PPI ones and "get a loan in 5 seconds flat" ones.  Any ads that involve banks, especially the ones where the staff are having a nice little sing song (you know the one) in an attempt to make you feel good about having bugger all.

What about the little light bulb that's having a dance in the bird bath?  Give me strength :(

It seems, lovely blogger friends, that I am officially a GRUMPY OLD WOMAN :)

PS. If anyone has been belted up the backside in Tesco's with the sharp end of a trolley - it's my hormones :)
If I have written, emailed or phoned you, and you haven't acknowledged me - shame on you!!


  1. Okay, you are pulling me back from the edge of the cliff! Funny Girl :)
    I have stopped with "Excuse Me" to "I believe YOU want to be EXCUSED!" I never noticed how many VERY SELF IMPORTANT people there are out there...that is why now I limit my exposure to the masses. Even in blogland, I have to laugh even louder..."I am late because it is so so busy in my life" NEWS FLASH we all can say the same, but only the very self important....would say so....

    You must laugh out LOUD....because you will complain alone....Change Grumpy into Wise.....its better for YOUR complection. You do make me SMILE Pen !♥Debi

  2. Oh yes, I know this one! EVERYTHING winds me up at the moment! Bloody Go Compare drives me crackers. If I ever saw that man in the street I couldn't be held responsible for my actions. I held the door of a shop open for a man the other day and he walked through it without a word of thanks so I said 'don't mention it!' and walked on. LOL! xxx

    P.S. I hope I haven't failed to email you hun. I am about to email you now as the postie has been. xx

  3. I have become so used to people rude behaviour that when they say please or thank you or hold the door open I am always shocked. Which is surely wrong. How times have changed. PPI adverts ahhh and many other adverts come to that. What is it with the IKEA ad and everyone dancing around. So if I buy a kitchen loads of people are going to come and dance in my house? I think I am just getting old! :o)

  4. All I am going to say is - please can I have your hat?


    1. The grumpy woman is not me, but I love the hat to. By the way the other grumpy woman is not me either! ;D

  5. I agree with every single comment - I hate with a passion the go compare advert - stupid, stupid, and more stupid. I think it is just manners to be polite. Another pet peeve is when I give presents, especially wedding, christening (lately) and there is no thank you acknowledgement - regardless of the hours I spend looking for suitable gifts, wrapped nicely and of course with a home made individual card - you feel like saying "well, I shouldn't have bothered"!!


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